Could you please relay our request to ATV or DATV DXers in Spain to organise  long distance skeds

on mainly 438.5 MHz AM in accordance to goods propagation conditions watch.

I am personnaly activ on 438.5 MHz with a good installation southly from Paris and actually working

with a french mobile and portable station  located in the Pyrenees mountains in the near of

Oloron Sainte Marie (dpt 64). Station is F9ZG mobile. Rolf is activ on 438.5 MHz - 437 DATV low rate and upper frequencies

to 2.3 & 1.2 MHz and also 10 GHz with solid antennas and dishes. We are able to cover long distances as 700 Km

with low tropspheric conditions.

We are using a blog for TV  technology and activity between us. This group was created by F5AD very known in TV ham radio

for long years. recently F6DZP created the site Viva DATV tutioune very known for DATV

For free subscribtions :


Thank you for informing us if there are always Spain TV stations activ on 438.5 MHz AM for testing with us.

Thank you for your answer and all may best 73's from France


François MULLER


Honor-President of Clipperton DX Club- CDXC - FO0XF in marsh 1978